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Why choose Vyapar GST billing software for your business?

Vyapar is lot more than just a GST billing software. Read what makes Vyapar a unique and handy accounting software.

GST compliant billing software

Vyapar app is 100% compliant with GST regulations. You can share the necessary tax information in a transaction with your customer through our billing software. By the app, you can keep your cash book entirely digital and fully accountable.

Customisable GST billing software

We provide you with complete editing access to our templates to personalise your bills. It will help you reflect your business by customising the colours and themes that blend in with your brand. Using this feature, you can build trust among your customers by making your invoice professional and reliable

Remind to recover payments

Unpaid bills can halt the cash flow of your business. You need to recover your payments on time to ensure that your work does not get interrupted at any stage. Our free billing software reminds your customers about the pending bill payments and ensures that they are collected on time.

Track your business health Instantly

Vyapar lets you monitor the health of your business quickly. You can check out the revenue, expense, inventory, and profits in one place. It makes it simple for you to get a quick glimpse of how your business is performing and allows you to make reforms effectively.

Check inventory / Get low stock alerts

No one wants to lose customers due to a lack of inventory. We understand that every customer is precious for you and to help you manage your inventory effectively. We have incorporated an inventory management tool that reminds you to place orders before you get short on supplies.

GST filing made simpler and faster

While most billing apps don’t do it. Vyapar lets you worry less about filing GST if it applies to your business. Using the free billing software, you can generate all types of GST reports for instant tax filing and avoiding penalties.

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Critical Features

Know what features millions of businessmen are using daily

Send estimate & quotations

Vyapar allows you to create appealing estimates and quotations for your leads that scale up the chances of making sales.
It will grant you a competitive edge over others who text email the rates.

Track orders

You can track your sales and purchase orders seamlessly by using our GST accounting software. It will help you dispatch the products on time and close deals without trouble.
It is crucial, especially when your customer does not accept the order, and you need to check out the location of your product.

Choose themes

You can set up your brand’s identity in your customer’s mind by focusing on one theme everywhere.
By creating a personalised invoice using our customisable invoice templates, you can achieve this goal.

Record expenses

By keeping track of your expenses as they happen using our GST billing software, you can save time when you file your taxes.
You can track unnecessary expenditures and create reports to improve profits.

Receivables and payables

Maintaining your cashbook gets more comfortable with Vyapar.
You can keep track of the money you have to receive and pay using the app, and you can check who hasn’t made the payment with one click.

Delivery challan

You can attach delivery challans with your consignments using our billing app.
You can maintain delivery acknowledgement records to check which products are accepted and which ones are rejected by your customers.

Cash & bank management

You can track cash-in and cash-out transactions in one place by using Vyapar.
It will allow you to track the payments that you have received in your bank account to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

Track cash flow

Cash flow is critical for a business to run its operations without issues. You can prevent accidental miscounting by creating a real-time cash-book using Vyapar.
The app will help you remind your customers to make payments on time.

Multiple choices of transaction

Accepting payment is simpler with the Vyapar accounting app. You can accept payments using a method feasible for your customer.
You can allow your customers to choose cash, cheque, credit, or debit cards.

Business Status

Vyapar makes it possible to track your whole business using an app anytime, anywhere.
You can track the insights live and understand the financial status of your business efficiently.

Multiple Business reports

Start making informed decisions by the analysis made using reports within the Vyapar app. Our business management tool will help you generate many different types of reports to cover various aspects of your business.
● Transaction reports
● Sale Ageing reports
● Profit and Loss (Item wise and overall) reports
● Party Outstanding (particular group and overall) reports
● Order management and tracking reports
● Sale and expense reports
● Other income reports
● Tax and GST reports
● Discount reports
● Stock/Item summary reports
● Bank statement and cash reports
● Custom reports

GST invoicing / billing

Vyapar gives you the ability to generate invoices within 20 seconds. You can choose the invoice format and send an invoice to your customers.
You can create a customised GST bill that is 100% compliant to GST.

Data safety and security

Using the Vyapar business management app, you will never lose your data. You can create manual and automated backups to your google drive, or backup the data in offline devices for security from time to time.
Your data is encrypted and is accessible by you only.

Regular / Thermal printer

Using Vyapar, you get the unique feature to print your invoices in all types of print sizes by using a thermal or a regular printer.
You can ensure that the print is entirely professional before printing the copy for your customers.

Business / Accounting management

From keeping an eye on your business health, making you look professional, saving your time and money, creating important reports, and helping you get paid on time, Vyapar is well-developed accounting
software that helps you manage your business effectively without causing any type of trouble.

Manage commodities: Product and services

Keeping track of minute details looks very difficult, but by using our accounting software, you will have complete access to it. You can check out which products are selling more, and which ones will get out of stock soon.
It will aid you with a better idea about when you need to place an order, and which items are more in demand.

Party management

Vyapar helps you accommodate various parties irrespective of their nature.
It benefits your business by building a better relationship sentiment between you and the parties you trade with.

Bill wise payment

By easing out payments, it becomes easier for people to make payments each time they receive a bill.
It allows your customers to make payment with their choice of payment option from cash to debit and credit cards.

Tax and discounts

Being 100% GST compliant is one of the benefits offered by Vyapar. You can provide discounts to your
loyal customers to make them happy, and encourage them to come back and avail of your services or buy your products.

Suitable for businesses

Vyapar’s GST billing software is a perfect addition to a retail shop, medical shop, gyms,
trading companies, restaurants, pharmaceuticals, distribution centres, and many other businesses.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Billing software is designed to create invoices for the various types of products and services for your business. It can help keep track of multiple aspects of your business, from handling the inventory to payments all in one place.
Businesses generate invoices on billing software by using customisable templates. Using Vyapar, you can add the details of the products or services involved in the transaction and send it to the customers on successful payments.
Vyapar is the best invoicing software today, as it helps you manage your entire business within the app itself. No other billing software provides the range of features offered by Vyapar, and it helps you get paid on time.
Invoice is used with the purpose of recording a sale between a business and a customer. It shows that you have paid for the services you have availed from the business. It is regarded as the verification of the payment agreement between the buyer and the seller.
Small business owners have to keep track of the invoicing work due to the lack of a dedicated accounting team. Vyapar makes it simpler for a business to do the task, thereby saving a lot of workforce efforts.
Invoice is a request for making a payment, while a receipt is proof that a payment has been made against the invoice. Using Vyapar, you create an invoice and send it to your customers who, upon receiving, will make the payments.
Creating an invoice is essential for a business as it helps in keeping track of the deal that occurred between a customer and the company. It can be used later to cross-check any possible mistakes and during the tax filing process.
You can reject an invoice if you have a legitimate reason. You can indicate the invoice number and sen back to the business who sent you an invoice with the reason you rejected it. Further, you can request amendments in it if you wish to have a deal.
It is better to start invoices from a number so that you can keep track of the number of invoices you have generated. It is legally necessary for businesses to follow a sequence while creating an invoice number, and it should not have repeats or gaps to avoid having multiple invoices with the same number.
You can assign an invoice sequence in the Vyapar app to ensure that every time your customers buy products, you have a unique identification number that can help you search for the invoice later.
Bills and invoices are different in a way that a bill is something you pay after using the services, while you pay for an invoice before using the services. You can create bills and invoices separately using Vyapar.
You can create an invoice for free using the free invoicing tool by Vyapar. You can use your mobile device or a web browser to start generating an invoice for free on Vyapar.
You can create a GST invoice in 20 seconds using the Vyapar app. It has become so simple for businesses to generate invoices due to our free invoicing application online.
Yes, you can create an invoice on your name on behalf of the vendor. It is often termed as a self-billed invoice, and you can mention GST included for the products and services you purchased using it.
You can make modifications to the invoice before it is issued to your customer. So, if you find that the invoice has some incorrect information, you should make amendments before issuing it. If released, you need to get a rejection from your customer or send a cancellation invoice.
If a mistake is made in creating an invoice, you can make amendments before issuing it on Vyapar. But if there is proof for the amount you have agreed on, then you can not make amendments in the invoice with a new price for that invoice legally.
If a business sends sent an incorrect invoice, then it should issue a cancellation invoice to the customer with a new invoice number. The cancellation invoice should have a negative amount, and it should be issued with the original invoice number and date it was issued. After that, you can send a new invoice with an updated amount using the Vyapar invoicing tool.
You can create an invoice with the company name by creating it on your name and receiving the payment in your account.
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